Uplift industrial hardware machinery into the era of industry 4.0 with BioEnergy’s Parameter Monitoring and Management Systems, Comprising several industrial equipment categories. Indulge in the next revolution with Poka-Yoke human error control techniques, and control vast arrays of production lines with a central hub dashboard that retrieves information from all devices utilising our systems.

Smart Oven Monitoring System

-Many available sensor types, including water flow, tempearature, humidity, pressure,proximity, oxygen, and oven door state sensors
-Real-time sensor charts
-Interface for managing multiple smart ovens
-User-customisable rules for alarm triggers
-[Optional] Smart Recipe Management System-automate recipe selection base on product

Smart Freezer Monitoring System

– Provides inventory management capabilities to freezer equipment
-First-In, First-Out (FIFO) item consumption made easy
– Automated item expiry warning system

Smart Recipe Management System

– Minimising downtime through automated oven recipe selection
– Eliminating accidental human error in feeding incorrect raw materials to the production apparatus.